We are master in building various types of building with best interior and environmental friendly building. For example: Residential, commercial, Govt. Office buildings, Industrial complexes, Education and sports facilities, Hotels and hospitals. We are very high promoters of environmental implementation and renewable energy. We also except and complete the challenges.


Infrastructure is not just about physical assets, such as roads and bridges. It is also about sustainable solutions for the delivery of reliable energy, clean water, communications, logistics, and mobility. We construct and upgrade means of transportation such as interstates, highways and bridges; rail lines and associated facilities, as well as civil work, dams, treatment plants, ect.


NaVi has a wide range for environmental services, from major sewerage programs , cleanup industrial site, ground water contamination, solid waste management , project experience is as diverse as the world itself. Our wide-ranging capabilities and extensive experience continue to play a crucial part in the management of complex, multisite environmental programs.


We are proud to work with oil and gas firms working to develop the world's energy sources. NaVi offers clients a fully integrated delivery model for engineering, procurement, construction and startup services for their energy needs. Our experience and capabilities in today’s complex energy market allows us to focus on four main market sectors: offshore, oil sands, midstream and downstream.


We are leader in the design, procurement, and construction of power plants from small to large scale. We like to helped clients meet the challenge of changing power consumption trends and generating strategies by building run-of-the-river hydroelectric, as well as cogeneration, combined-cycle and waste-to-energy generation and resource facilities.


We provide global procurement, inspection, and expediting to obtain the right equipment at the right price, including cost-effective financing terms and on-time delivery schedules. We also do construction that achieves the earliest plant startup within budget and according to plan. solutions to the unique problems encountered on every project based on diverse experience in the mining and metallurgical industry.